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Jun 18, 2014

Tuesday Night Worlds - 6/17/14

Tuesday Night Worlds Crit race - 6/17/14

This week was a real sufferfest for me. The pace started off fast and stayed that way the whole time through. I think my busy race schedule finally caught up with me. I was in good position for most of the race in about the 6th spot. I just struggled to hold on and stay there though. It was all I could do just to keep to the wheel in front of me. Every lap I was hoping that the race official would finally switch to the final three laps, but he let us keep going now that the sun stays out long enough. It figures that this was the longest they had ever let us go (by 1 lap). Finally, we get to the 3 laps to go mark and it continues to be a fight but there is an end in sight. At the end of the 2 laps to go mark, there's a decent break off the front and it looked to me like it would stick. So, I went for it. I actually did a pretty good turn of speed up the climb and on my way to the 2 groups of 2 that had gone off the front. However, on the flat at the top with a good headwind, my progress to the group stalled. I was in big trouble. Now I'm in no man's land fighting the wind by myself unable to catch the guys in front of me with the guys behind me likely charging fast. I gave it everything I had, but a few riders were able to come around me with ease up the climb of the last lap. I finished in 8th. It was a good, hard 30 minute effort and great training. It was good that it told me I was tired and probably will need some extra R&R before this weekend's big 18hr adventure race Plot, Pedal, and Paddle.

Thanks to Aaron Bean for the pictures of the race and for cheering me on!

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