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Jun 9, 2014

Tuesday Night Worlds - 3rd Place

Tuesday Night Worlds Crit race - 6/3/14

I had done a hard days work on the trainer on Sunday and Monday before this race. It had actually taken a lot out of me. As per usual with my lack of rest for these races, I never know how much I will have for a good result. With great results the last few weeks, I still had high hopes. The pace started out quick as per usual. However, with riders going off the front and the peloton chasing, the pace never let up. We were all working the whole time. On top of that, they finally let us ride the entire posted time limit before the final three laps. I actually welcomed that and think that it plays better into my hands. I did take my turn at the front, but not as much as previous weeks. I also let myself be a little more sheltered in the group by staying back a little farther in the pack. However, that can be dangerous with more chances of a crash happening in front of me and possibly taking me out with them. There was a crash and thankfully I was in front of it. It was a touch of wheels during the uphill when a rider had crossed wheels with another rider. It happened late enough in the race that I had made it a point to stay closer to the front in case someone tried to go on a break. No way I was going to let anyone go without a fight. I held tight until the last lap and watched for someone to go. It was Mark, last week's winner, that made the final big move and I was quick on his wheel. I let him take me up over the top of the hill and through most of the straight before coming around. I probably should have gone sooner. Two other riders had followed as well and were able to sling past both of us to take 1st and 2nd. I snuck around for a solid 3rd place finish. I was very happy with that after such a hard effort.

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